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Die-casting precision machining quality, compressed air is very important
China's existing die-casting and die-casting related businesses with about more than 12,600, of which die-casting production enterprises account for about 70%. About 30% of the enterprises such as alloy,
Sheet metal processing, how much do you know?
Sheet metal processing in the machinery industry is very heavy today Xiaobian explain in detail under the processing of sheet metal parts, sheet metal surface treatment is also a very important part of the sheet metal processing,
Analysis of Development Situation and Prospect of Die Casting Enterprises in China
With the rapid development of market economy and demographic dividend in recent years, die-casting products have entered the era of meager profit. The current situation in our country shows that it has become a trend for the general public to go from a pe
Related enterprises die-casting mold get together and develop into the country's largest industry gathering place
In May of this year, China Foundry Association organized an expert review meeting of "Top 20 Comprehensive Strength of Die-Casting Mold Manufacturers in China". Ten enterprises in our district were selected to occupy "half of the list" with a total output
China Die Casting Industry Chain Supply and Demand Summit is about to open
Organized by Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Network, Nantong High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Guangdong Huaneng Group Hongjin Metal Aluminum Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Zhongfu Metal Products Co., Ltd., the "China Die Casting Industry Chain Supply and Demand


8:00 - 18:00

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